The purpose of the Stapledon Centre is to reinvigorate and extend the legacy of Sir George Stapledon in Aberystwyth by creating an interdisciplinary team of leading academics within Aberystwyth University.

They will be focused on the economic, environmental and societal impact of pastoral based production systems as it relates to both rural communities and urban dwellers.

Executive Summary:

The Stapledon Centre is focused around pasture-based agriculture and we have strengthened applications to BBSRC for strategic program funding in this area.   We have also leveraged the funding from BBSRC to widen the debate concerning pasture based agriculture, the science possible, the environmental effects and the societal consequences in both urban and rural communities. This has been achieved by encouraging collaboration between agricultural, environmental and social scientists in Aberystwyth and beyond.

In doing so, we are providing an unique point of differentiation for Aberystwyth University that is closely aligned with developing priorities within RCUK, Horizon 2020 and the global challenges fund. The Stapledon Centre will drive both funding and interdisciplinary/ transdisciplinary working within the university.